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Hedge Hog

Does anyone know where I can purchase the asiatic lily, Lilium 'Sterling Star'? The plant is featured on the plant section of this web site and I have found photos of it on other web pages but can't find anywhere to purchase plants or bulbs.

I have found lots of alternative lilies but I particularly want this one in memory of my son.  Does anyone know if it is generally called by an alternative name?

Any info regarding places I could buy the bulbs or plants would be much appreciated.


Stacey Docherty

Hedge Hog

Hi Stacey,  thanks for the link. 

Unfortunatley I've been to that site before and none of the 'Buy it' links work and if you go directly to the websites they link to they don't have Sterling Star  

Still on the trail....


I've got this, is it gorgeous, but for the life of me I can't recall where I got it - long time ago though so maybe not available anyway.  Hmm, that was a waste of time, just to agree it's lovely!  All the lilies are this year.


Hello Hedge Hog, try the site

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