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I have searched the internet for an answer and have got nothing... I really hope someone can help. (I don't know why pics keep uploading sideways)... this lily of the valley keeps showing little tiny crystal like things in the soil. When I water, they disappear and then come back... I have not used any fertiliser on them or anything but I am wandering if the garden centre did before I bought them?

How should I care for this plant? Should I plant it outside or?



I suspect the crystals are water retaining gel used by growers to conserve moisture in the pots.

Yes, plant the poor thing outside - it won't be at all happy indoors - it needs moist humus-rich soil in a fairly shady place - if you can get the conditions right it'll spread and you'll have a carpet of fragrant flowers in springs to come. 


Dove, what kind of soil do they like; they grew like anything in my London garden on a baking hot rockery; here in the Fens, carefully planted in a moist shady area they just die

Lily of the valley became a weed in my garden so I am trying to eradicate them.  They are not the best behaved 

They don't really like it too dry or hot, for me.  Good soil and they will romp 


Hi Artjak

At my granny's garden when I was a child, they ran rampant on well-drained loam with a lot of leafmould in a north facing bed against the house where they got dripped on by inefficient guttering.

 When we left our last place I'd just about got them going in well-drained city dirt with the addition of lots of compost, FYM, and leafmould, this time in a northfacing garden against a shed wall with a constantly dripping gutter.

I've not yet decided where to try them here - the guttering is too good.  

The constant factors seem to be leafmould and drips. 



I've never really got them established here. In my mother's garden they were rampant, very hard, dry, gravelly soil but in the shade.



Oh good - I've got a leaky overflow...

I meant the house...

Plenty of drips living round here Dove, I just  need the leaf mould!  

star gaze lily

I've got leaf mould, just need a drip! 

I find them quite hard to grow, but in my mums or nans garden they just went on and on 


Right, I'll put it in the garden then... ha-ha! I read that they couldn't be put into the garden until after their first flower, but I think you're right... it's not doing well inside!!!


I could never grow them at our last house but when we moved we discovered some growing in a small shaded area near the house wall and they're thriving, fingers crossed, and I leave them alone so hopefully that'll continue.


Hopefully, summerwine . I'll pop mine outside this weekend, I might plant it in a shaded corner of the rockery?


Seems they are just a plant for mums and grans then!.  Mine are in a pot and are up only about one inch. Maybe when I am older?


Looks that way!!

hollie hock

Tried in the past to grow this, with zero success. Some time ago I accquired an old metal planter thing and they were in there! Just starting to see the new shoots now.

I still have the same dilemma.......leave them be and enjoy them where they are? Or move and plant out but don't want to kill them. Anyone know whether you can split/divide them?



From my experience, Lily of the valley has no 'mid ground';  It either won't establish and dies on you or decides to invade your garden taking no prisoners!  A bit like an awkward child really - you either can't get them into their bed at night or can't get them out of it in the morning!


hollie hock

Think I might leave them be for a while longer and contemplate the same question at a later stage


I'm giving up on mine hollie hock!! I've just left it in it's pot... I'll see what happens!


I've got a lot in a dry bed with ferns, gets some sun but not much, soil isn't brill. I planted a root a few years 6 ? and no show then last year it performed. It isn't in a bed where it can really spread anywhere else unless it can strangle conifers  

I think it's like mint, it either grows like billio or won't grow.

Only reason I wanted it was because my Grandma was named Lily.  


Bob - I have one of each of those children ! 

I love lily of the valley and I'm always meaning to get it. I like a challenge...

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