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Linseed is different from flaxseed grown for fibres

What is the latin name for the plant to grow Linseed?

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Most people say that Linseed and flaxseed are the same thing.  There is a farmer who grows Linseed for its oil and says the flaxseed plant is about 3 ft high and grown for long fibres.  The Linseed plant is about 1 ft high and produces lots more flowers and seeds.  Does any one know the latin name for the variety to grow Linseed?

It's a form of linum Shirley.  I grow linum perenne ....beautiful blue flowering variety .......and linum flavour a yellow one.  


The same plant Linum usitatissimum will produce linseed oil and the fibres, although there have been some specific varieties produced for agriculture which are better for one purpose than the other and I don't know what the seed companies call them.

There are also several flaxes grown by gardeners to attract bees - these include  the blue-flowered species (L. narbonense), Lewis' blue flax (L. lewisii), and  perennial blue flax  (L. perenne).  There is also the scarlet flax (L. grandiflorum) and the yellow-flowered golden flax (L. flavum).


Linum usitatissimum is the one used to produce Linseed oil.

As far as I can find out, this is also the one used to produce the fibres used to make Linen.


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