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I wonder if anyone has tried growing lilyturf in clay soil? I would really love to have it in my garden, but not sure if it will cope with the soil conditions. Has anyone had any experience with this?


I've always understood it to like damp, fertile soils in sun or part shade.  If you improve your clay with plenty of garden compost or leaf mould they should do fine.    I've recently planted some in fertile loam on a clay sub soil in full sun and it's doing OK.  They spread best via their roots rather than seed so can take a year or two to get established and really grow well.

I grow mine. In the shade too. Starting to flower now. I've found it very adaptable though. My soil is sandy loam. There is a nice variegated variety, green n white leaves, that I would like to grow. Anyone growing this? I think it will need sunnier spot

Mine's the variegated one.  


Obelixx, does it flower well?

This is its first year and it's been invaded by weeds while I was unable to garden for 5 months, drowned by all the rain and then baked by 38C in August.   It has a few flpwer spikes but I'm just happy it's still growing.

Next year will be better -assuming we don't get a killer winter.  I'd planted 3 and 2 were seen off by last winter but ours are way colder than the UK, especially you chaps in the south west..

Thanks obelixx. I will get a plant or two. Hope you are up and about and well now

Thanks Chris.  I was, but now have a pesky foot problem which I hope will turn out to be just a stress fracture that will heal.  Otherwise it's arthritis and not good for either gardening or all my dancing activities.   Not a good year for keeing on top of the weeding.

I have horrible heavy clay and it grows fine in my garden.  I've just been battling to divide some clumps that have got too big so I can  only assume that they are happy.

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