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Hello everyone, i have taken an interest in lithops and cacti and wondered if i could keep them in my unheated 6'x6' greenhouse throughout the year.

       Thanks in advance..




A lot of cacti will collapse if would need a heater on a frost stat.

Thanks for the advice i didnt know that, just have to keep them indoors.


I have kept Cacti and lithops in a unheated Greenhouse and now in a unheated Conservatory for years

As long as they are kept dry between November and Beginning of March they will be Fine



Google the  british cactus and succulent society



Just Found these on my computer




 Taken last October

Hi Buzzy2...thanks for advice, lovely photos...thats how i want mine. I'm going to try growing some from seed. i have seen some grown on plants online but the carriage is very expensive for each plant.

Hi Mike thats a great idea...something to think about...thanks for the advice..

Hi Mike i have bought a couple of books from Amazon on cacti and succulents...they will be a great help.

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