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Big Blue Sky

Look, what I have growing in one of my plant pots.

Can anybody please tell me what it is? I have put a petal of a geranium next to it to give an idea of its size (it was the next available thing).

It seems to be growing quite quickly, as it started with one tiny leaf and now is already a bit larger that on the picture, that was taken a few days ago.

Thank you!


It's a Liverwort but I'm not sure which one


It's just a moss/liverwort of some kind. The soil will be damp, which is what it likes. You can see moss around it too in the pic.

I have loads on pots - spring bulbs from earlier this year mainly - that are in shady areas for the winter 

Papi Jo

Liverwort Marchantia polymorpha. As the Latin name implies it can come in various disguises.

Just happened to take a pic of this plant in my garden this morning! It came from a container I bought in a GC. I should have removed it there and left it with them instead of bringing it home.


Quite agree Papa, not something you want to introduce in your garden intentionally


David Matthews2

Further to Papi Jo's comments  (& star pic!), until recently I had a large, extensive colony of the same liverwort on the wall above my (very damp) cellar steps!! Ongoing renovations have meant that the cracked render had to be scraped clear, dislodging the plants. Now they're living in my compost bin!! {btw: I'm sure there'll be enough spores & embryonic plantlets for the colony to reestablish itself ere long...??}.

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Big Blue Sky

Thank you everybody for your responses!

Oh my... This plant's name is just as unpleasant as its looks

I have removed it from the pot and threw it in the rubbish bin. Yuck!...

Just like Papi Jo I ''acquired'' it with a recently bought plant. Off e-bay. Hopefully it won't regrow in the pot, as the purchased plant is actually quite a beauty. I'm going to keep it dry and hopefully it will help and I won't have to replace all the soil in that pot.


It'll easily scrape off the top of the soil. You can then replace it with some new compost. A layer of grit will help, although I still get some on those, especially if the pots are in the shade long term. Pots of crocus are the usual ones   

Papi Jo

I've just scraped my Liverwort specimens off the ground. Hope I didn't leave too many tiny bits from which the plant might re-grow. We'll see.

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