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So is it plastic coated, powder, raffia, what type of hanging basket should I buy as I want it to last years not just a couple of seasons.
Wire basket is the best if you line it with moss or something like that be prepared for the birds to steal it for their nests, I line mine with old compost bag put some holes in bottom then cut a circular piece and put in the bottom that will keep some water in it
Wire? Plastic coated type? How long do they last?

Quite a few years Red Dahlia

Am I right in thinking the plastic coated wire is what you mean?? Does it last longer than the powder coated metal that is wider???



I've had a set of four conical raffia (I think) baskets that have a plastic line for nearly 10 years now. And for £10 they've earned their keep in my garden.


yes, what is the matter with me today, I canny get my finger round the keys


I have some rafia ones and some wire, but of course it is personal choice

I thought that the plastic comes off v fast, is this not right. I know the powder coated ones I had were rubbish!!!
Katherine W

I recently made two hanging baskets from 6 litres, grey plastic basins, the sort you'd use to wash stuff in... made drainage holes with a hot poker, smaller holes for hanging, put ropes to them, planted with seed raised plants and cuttings and hanged them. The colour is very neutral and not offensive, and in any case, the basin will soon be hidden by the trailing plants, and the whole operation cost less than 6€ per basket including plants, so I'd say it's good value. The basins are good thickly plastic so I expect them to last at least like the better kind of plastic flower pots, the strings might need replacing yearly though, because they grow brittle with the sun... or maybe not... they are good-ish strings .

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