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Heather Michaels

Hi All,

I'd like some advice/suggestions please.

I'm looking for a ground cover plant, must be evergreen, which is hardy, can just get on with it, grows as the name suggests, on the ground, not very tall, which will grow in either partial sun or partial shade in heavy soil in a woodland garden. Needs to be a rampant grower too, it needs to cover a large area quickly.

Not fussed if it flowers or not and the need for a rampant grower is so I have to buy a lot less of them given the area I want to cover! 

Thank you in advance, Heather



Ad hoc I'd say ivy. There are lots of varieties, some cover ground faster than others and there are some that grow quite shallow. In between you could place bluebell bulbs, that way you'd have a splash of colour for a few weeks during late spring/early summer. 

Marco de Jong

Periwinkle (Vinca) would probably work. It's quite rampant and will grow in partial or even full shade.

Aguja would be my choice, grows anywhere, even if you park the bin on it!

Hardy geraniums are about the best for weed suppressing.  For me many are evergreen but I guess most are not.  However, they are evergreen for most of the  year 

i have Rozanne that covers 2 or 3 metres ...just one plant. 

Ajuga is vigorous...there are different varieties with differing "aggressions".  And you can root pieces very quickly to build up a large framework.  campanulas like Birch Hybrid spread very well and again resist weeds.  What about acorus Ogon?  A vigorous yellow grass like plant that covers/smothers ground well.  osteospermum, Erigeron are often evergreen here as are varieties of Arabis.  Another I grow,  but is a little tender,,is convolvulus maritima.  Velvety purple blue flowers all summer on semi evergreen wee smothering foliage.  



Geranium macrorrhizum would be near the top of my list. That's evergreen but thins out a bit in winter so you could have snowdrops as well.

Vinca is a trouble for me as it covers large areas then gets rust and looks awful.

Lamiums are another good one

Trachstemon orientalis is good, not evergreen but good large leaves swamp everything in the weed growing season

I find ajuga has a thin time in summer on my soil


Heather Michaels

Thank you all for the suggestions, all greatly appreciated. Sorry for the late response, got a little busy! 

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