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Maby I am aksing to much.

But I dont get a lot of light, its ether indirect or shady in my room, so I am looking for a plant that will thrive and grow even in low light conditions.

I also am  novice so am not wanting anything that is hard to look after. (Cactus are great but I dont have the damed light needed for them)

I wany something VIBRANT to make the room look better. It dosent need to be a flowering plant, in fact Im more than happy with just intresting foliage. anything with stripy / spotted / odd shaped / coloured foliage is nice.

My local garden center is a very larger hillers just three miles away.

So suggest away please.

I have seen these in the LGS they have ,any colours, and i particularly like the ones with deep red vains, would these be suitable in my room.

Maby I could get a few of diffrent colours and put them all in a large wide pot.

They also have some nice looking furry ferns.

Thx in advance.


I'd have a look at the Marantas and Calatheas - they're happy in poor light conditions.

Hi Anthony Peace lilly is a house favourite ,it grows quite large if you want and simply droops when it wants a drink ,partial or almost full shade, they love also bathrooms,flowers are stunning and the plant has a mind of its own,my two have been flowering for months,i cant upload photos on this site but they were about 6 inches tall 7 months ago now both 18 inches tall and same wide ,i feed on Nettle juice or baby bio, avago

Cheers guys, my rooms not dark and dingy, its certainly not getting any full direct sunlight, despite my windows faceing the sunrise. Not shady, but not bright indirect light. Dont know how to descibe it really.


Alan, I already have two peace lillys (or rather my mum dose) and i agree they are great, very large now, seem to be in flower loads, they are in indirect (relected light) and thrive.


hmm, as pretty as the fittonia are, after reading this they seem like a bit of a faf, and giveing my room dose not get a ton of air flow, they proberly wont like it as they hate stagment conditions.

However those marantas and calatheas look look pretty good, although looking online seem fussy? I am not sure how id provide the high humidaty they require? Well not without a humiderfyer, but I dont want to be running one of those at all. any low tec solutions? I can provide the water and heat they need most likly as we dont normaly let the hoouse get cold, except maby a bit at night but not below 10 degrees ever.



Marantas and calatheas were the first houseplants I ever had in my first house so they didn't get expert care - I was 21 years old and hadn't had houseplants before!  I grouped them together on a tray of pebbles which I kept damp - that was all the humidity they needed - just keep them out of direct sunlight.  They're lovely plants. 

ok cool, Ill give them a go?

Were is the best place to order onlione from and get a good plant but not silly prices?

I dont think my LGS has them, I did not see them a few days ago when i went and they dont have much in the way of house plants atm so I would have seen them.


Sorry, can't help you there - I don't have many houseplants these days - it was 40 years ago when I had my marantas - I think I bought them from a chap who sold plants from a van door to door - perhaps someone else has an idea ............


The 'string of hearts' that nutcutlet recommends above did very well when I lived in London; I hung it from the ceiling by a North facing window, it lasted for years and eventually reached the floor.

^ be a bit worried it turns canivours, like a  Trified and try to strangle me of it was reaching the floor lol, any idea of place to order from.


I think I bought it from a local nursery.

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