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denise bainbridge

hi, wonder if anyone knows where i might find-prunus oakville crimson spire, thanks


I had a look in plantfinder and was going to send a lin kbut drew a blank

That seems like a very tricky-to-get-hold-of tree. May I ask why you want that particular cultivar? As there are many others that are similar, would they be of interest? 


I have prunus cerasifera nigra - which is readily available and similar colour to what you are looking for.



Where did you see this plant Denise and what makes it distinctive?

There may be a very similar cultivar in the UK.

denise bainbridge

thanks everyone! yes, available in australia-though postage may be a little steep haha. looking for a small very slim tree with red/purple leaves. thanks again

star gaze lily

Prunus trilobas are very nice had one on my last garden, keep meaning to get another.







prunus cerasifera oakville crimson spire is the name you are looking for  flemings nurseries is one place you might try but there is a snag its in australia

skodaboy67 wrote (see)

prunus cerasifera oakville crimson spire is the name you are looking for  flemings nurseries is one place you might try

As has already been established, Flemings are in Australia - the request is for a supplier for the UK. 


Maybe there's a very similar cultivar available here. You could contact a big tree/shrub seller and ask.

Bluebell, or Barcham maybe. 

have any one tried looking at ashridge trees as i have just looked and they deliver the prunus you are looking for through out the uk.hope this helps you out

denise bainbridge

wow thanks to all- first timer on forum- just proves gardeners are best folk! dovefromabove-liquidambar looks promising


the link you are looking for .  the prunus cerasifera is showing up under hedging rather than a tree hope this the right one you are looking for


Thanks for the link Skodaboy67 

However, the Prunus cerasifera has green foliage and a different growth habit to the one Denise Bainbridge is looking for - it's a wild-type fruiting tree of a normal cherry growth habit, whereas what is being sought has an upright fastigiate habit (like a spire - hence it's name), and crimson foliage. 

Same family, different variety. 

sorry denise i`ve struck out on my search for your tree it looks like it`s only available in australia  sorry for any trouble caused  hope you have better look next time.o just a thought  why don`t you email monty don to aks if he knows if there is any for sale in uk 


(Top left 2 x Liquidambar leaves just turning purple October)

Denise I can second Dove's suggestion of a Liquidambar if your prunus doesn't surface. The  dark purple leaves in autumn are gorgeous, the spring green is almost fluorescent and it always has at least one nest every year. 



This tree isn't in the RHS Plantfinder so I think we can assume it isn't available in the UK.

The same, or more or less the same, might be available with a different cultivar name. That's why I suggested asking at a large tree nursery, one where people know about tress, not a GC. 

Probably not a job for a TV presenter either.