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Hi all, I am currently doing up my front and back gardens from scratch, I have a few potted plants that I would love to take and grow cuttings from in order to fill some borders and rock gardens I plan on creating.

At the moment I have some nice coloured heather, a red and an orangey acer, a eucalyptus which is growing wild and is going to be removed, a lavender bush, and a contorted hazel.  If anyone can give me any advice growing cuttings for any of these plants that would be great. I am thinking mainly about where to take cuttings, use root powder? What sort of temperature and sunlight conditions? But any advice would be interesting and useful.

thanks in advance!


Lavender is really easy to propogate...even I have managed to grow lots of plants from cuttings! Just type in How To Take Lavender Cuttings in the search bar at the top of the page you'll find a step by step guide. Good luck

The nut bush type Hazel is easy to take cuttings , but I have never taken contorted  Hazel.

But this is how I do mine , take heel cuttings , use rooting powder and put a poly bag over.- this may though revert back to its original Hazel, as usualy happens when it has been grafted.

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