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Moonlit Hare
Hi all, I've got a reasonable sized loveage about 1.5 ft tall but it seems to be struggling a bit. It was doing ok earlier in the yr but i just bought it this may. Do they usually die off about this time of year or do we think he needs a new home?

Yes it will be dying back about now, so no panic yet! After it's died back it would appreciate a mulch/feed of well-rotted manure or homemade compost. J.


Yes, it'll disappear over the winter and be back twice as big and three times as handsome next year - just watch how the hoverflies love the flowers 

apart from broccoli and chicory are there any other veg that slugs don't like? Is there any veg than snails won't eat?

Moonlit Hare

Thanks Chaps (and Chappesses)....

you've not failed me yet!


chilli lover

I agree with the above - mine got to 4 metres in its second year, Now after year three I have not yet moved it from my herb bed which but I must 'cos it's a bit of a monster. I do love it and so do the insects; I do chop it down partly to leave the flowers to grow and also get fresh you young  growth in the leaves for eating.

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