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hi as most of you know i'm too useless to be able to upload photos... i saw a plant in botanical gardens yesterday, white flowers, 4 petals, didn't really seem to have spikes like honesty but possibly rain battered, it was around 8 ins high and smelled heavenly, what could it be? of course no label if i want to know what something is there never is! could it be lunaria or is it a stock? a phlox?


8 inches is a bit small but sweet rocket has similar flowers to honesty, smells lovely and comes in white. Honesty also comes in white but the scent is less. 

Difficult with out a picture rosemummy, it could be all three.

I know, sorry, gardens are a minute from our house so go most days, I,ll ask, though I,ve asked things before and got a few 'don't knows'


Did it look like this Rosemummy? 

 Sweet rocket (hesperis matronalis) bashed by the rain 


Hi dove yes it does but a lot more flowers,I think it is that, wonder if it'd flower this year if I plant seeds? Read (I think) that you can direct sown may?


They're very easy from seed, they do it themselves once you get them started. But your flowers will be probably be next year. It's a biennial or short lived perennial.

thanks nut, on my shopping list, hoping to get to gc this week

after much research and asking at garden centre who hadn't a clue...more onthat later... the flowers i saw are mathiola incana, sarah raven sells seeds and plants

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