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Hi all I have some Lupins and Delphs growing nicely in pots which I sowed some months back now.

Would anyone recommend planting them out now?

I live in South East Wales and the plants will be mulched over Winter.

Just wondering what other peoples experience is with this

Thanks in advance


I keep my young plants in an unheated GH over their first winter , but that is mostly so i can keep an eye on them ( and beat the slugs) when they appear in spring - i'm sure i would lose them (literally!) otherwise. But i don't think it's essential.


I do the same as chicky but in a heated gh and then plant them out.

Yes under cover....unheated greenhouse. no heat needed. One word of caution though.  Dont put young lupin plants out too early next year.  I pot Imto larger pots, usually 3 litre, before they go into their final.positions

true but "new" young lupins are susceptible to cold until acclimatised.  Even down here in mild cornwall I have learned to leave young lupins in the greenhouse or under cover for a little while longer. this applies to lupins you have bought in.  Those you have divided, etc. and have been growing outside will happily survive the winter outside. I grow lupins galore and those already in the garden cope with anything and everything.

re re-flowering, some of mine are now flowering for the THIRD time.  an amazing summer!


gardenning granny

Oh Verrdun you are lucky.

I grew some wonderful Lulu lupins one year, and several interesting bi-colours but they all got heavily infested with enormous brown aphids. Those that survived were so weakened the following year that the aphids finished them off.  My garden was full of ladybirds then, but they didn't seem to like the lupin aphis.

I am lucklier with delphiniums, grown from seed and planted out in late summer.  I mulch them heavily over winter and lay slug pubs in the spring as the first shoots appear.  I think I get a lot of help from hedgehogs and frogs too.

I wonder if I should give lupins another go next year?


Thanks for the advice, I've ended up with about 6 really healthy plants of each which I've no idea the flower colour of (this is always exciting )

I will do a test and plant out 1 Lupin and 1 Delphinium and see if they cope with the Winter. The rest can go in the plastic greenhouse.

Slugs and Snails are'nt a problem, I am well on top of those blighters. :P

r.e GardeningGranny Lupins are always worth a go, they put on a spectacular display!

Hiya smokin.  Lupins I divide in early summer are tough enough to stay outside over winter. However, I also buy lupins in 9cm pots in early spring from local garden centre and these are cosseted either in greenhouse or under fleece  as I find these can be susceptible to chill.  I pot on into 1 litre then 3 litre pots still protecting them under fleece for a few weeks then plant out in the garden in late spring as large plants 

Gardening grannie

I first encountered lupin aphid years ago and take the precaution now of,spraying just before flower spikes form.  Seems to work very well.  Lupins are definitely worth growing.....such a unique flower.  This year a couple of mine are,now flowering for the THIRD time.

Matt, if your lupins are outside now and are of reasonable size they prob,will survive outside later.  It's just that,I,don't like to lose any plant if I can help it so I anticipate what may or may not thrive


Verdun what do you soray the aphids with ?? 


Hiya James.

Have successfully used soap sprays but Provado ultimate bug killer or any systemic insecticide.would do.  ( not an advocate of spraying too much but it does save the lupins and only one spray seems to be effective)


I have these in 5inch pots at the moment and they have filled the pots with their roots, the plants are extremely healthy.

Is it worth re-potting now or waiting til the spring to plant them out?

Hiya Matt

No leave them over winter now.  Just let them tick over.  I know they look big and healthy now but new young lupins are susceptible to bit of frost. I would plant out in spring.


alright thanks very much



 Here are my Lupins & Delphiniums potted on into 2L pots. Probably will plant them out in a few weeks time, weather permitting

I love growing from seed, it's like having little children 



I wish my children were that quiet, Matt, and made as little mess

They look lovely and healthy, well done. Mine weren't planned, I think they have self seeded from my neighbour, but they are lovely, nonetheless. Think I will move them this yr so I can see them better.

Just realised that I could have meant the kids, then The LUPINS and DELPHS self-seeded

Mine are outside in pots now... 3 litres.....ready to be planted when wallflowers, etc are  removed.  For me lupins are a late spring early summer "crop". When flowering is over  many are divided and potted up and tender late Summer gems are then planted in their place. Lupins are a sorry looking bunch after flowering prone to snail damage and add nothing to the mid  summer to late summer  garden 


Matt - soooooo lovely to see the outcome of advice that was given months ago - i feel a personal connection to those beautiful plants in your greenhouse .  Can we have another pic when they flower please


I like to respond to my past threads for purely that reason chicky

No point asking for advice if you cant share your success from it!