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Hi, a couple of years back I planted out lots of Lupins that I grew from seed and for the past 2 years had amazing this year I'm worried as I'm sure the folage was coming up through the soil by this time...or am I wrong?....As yet I can see nothing!
Mine are up but still small. I have them in pots near the house though which might keep them a little warmer. Be wary of slugs as they love them.

I saw some in B&Q for 10p for 6 a few days ago, absolutely kicking myself for not picking them up. Lovely plants.
Sue H
I bought some rooty bits in a packet for 29p. Put them in pots in my cold frame and they are all growing. Bargain? Not sure what colours they will be. All 3 look healthy.
Lupins will be slow this year.'s been so cold
I find lupins are very hardy if planted for more than a season but new, young ones. benefit from some fleece protection for now
Hard to beat lupins for spikes of glorious colour
hollie hock

One of my large ones isn't putting on much growth at the moment. i think even though they are perennials they might be shortlived only doing their best for a few years. I planted out a few little ones grown from seed before this cold weather hit. Seem to be doing ok.




Mines the same, the one from last year isn't showing any signs of new growth. I don't know if its dead or not. Glad I sowed some seeds from it last year.  

Bunny ...
Mine are the same, but usually are the same each year , they do come back this frost has stunted them a bit. I pulled some pieces off the other day with bit of root and potted them up in greenouse, coming along great and will give me some more spares. I do this each year now , mine are dwarf white .

Too cold and too early to see much growth yet
Jane McCallum2

My lupins are up already......but the snails have already appeared as well. I know it's the age old question for gardeners everywhere but what is the best cure for this problem???? I like to avoid pellets/chemicals if I can. At the moment I am picking them off regularly.........

Jane, you are doing all ??ou can at moment by picking snails off
Nematodes are best option I think but it's too early to use them yet
Perlite may help...scattered aound the crown
hollie hock

One idea someone told me was if you think a Lupin is passed it's best, split it with a spade and replant in Spring. Haven't been brave enough to try it............yet, the large one without much growth might get this treatment, if it doesn't start growing.

Both my other large ones have got quite a bit of growth on them, some of the leaves are a bit damaged, don't think it's anything to worry about.

Will try a root this year Bunny as the purple one is absolutley stunning and would like another.  Not grown the dwarf types, are they annual or perennial?

Slugs and snails love the fresh young leaves, I use a one off dose of slug pellets if the small plant is being devoured, gives it time to grow a little. After that I don't use anything.

I love lupins

No, Hollie hock. Domt use spade to split lupins....they will pull apart. Plant or pot up roots in spring, or better still. in summer after flowering. Lupins don't last too lomg and I think after 2 years they decline
I have few pots growing under fleece that have been growing fast this spring..potted on until now in 2 litre pots
Share your love of lupins a dozen growing
Pennine Petal
Slugs always eat my lupins, have given up.

The one I planted last year is up and showing about a dozen leaves (and looks like it has expanded nicely) but no sign of the other two yet, although that pair are about 3yo so could either be a bit late as it's colder where they are planted, or may have turned into worm food over the winter - many varieties are quite short-lived perennials, as Verdun says.


2 of mine have sprouted at the moment however one hasnt but i bought it for virtually nothing as it was dying and i hoped it would survive.


My lupins are up and have a few dozen leaves already on each plant. I am in bournemouth though and near the sea so we are a bit warmer.

i grow a dozen or so in a bed and they struggle to make it past the first year, however if the do they do great, this year it looks like ill have to replace 4 of the 12 as theres no sign of them.

To keep the slugs off i use copper rings, i dont like using pellets as i feed lots of wild birds in the garden. you just need to make sure none of the leaves hang down over the edge of the copper ring or it gives the sulgs/snails a way in.

Bournemouthgsrdener, yes I do,use copper rings for hostas etc. and a special,old violet...sentimental so,important. I think they are very effective too. In the ground I find I need to make sure no soil covers them.
So good idea for protecting lupins....touch wood, I seem to grow slug free lupins
hollie hock

Followed your advice Bunny, worked a treat fingers crossed got 3 new purple ones all for free. Might not have to ever grow them from seed again

One I had almost forgotten about, thought it had died has just started to pop through. Think it was a white one. Will now have to move the little one to make space for it


I planted some lupin seeds, saved from the plants in my garden.  I have put one seed in each small pot.  Not sure where to put the pots, ie in a properator, outside, inside, in a sunny position?  Please would someone share their knowledge.  Thanks  

hollie hock

I sowed mine last year around june/july i think. Just left them outside with some protection from the rain and they grew quick.

Not sure at this time of year and it's still cold what would best. If it were me and I had sown a few pots, might be tempted to try some inside, in a propagator, taking the lid off when germinated and maybe the others outside in a sheltered spot. I would use a progator or covering of some sort as well.

Maybe others can help a bit more