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I am considering buying a young Magnolia Tree for my garden. However, the one I like grows  up to 6m (20ft) in height and spread. How long would it take to reach this size? Would it grow okay in a large pot instead of planting in the garden, as I would like to take it with me if I move house. Also, do Magnolias need ericaceous soil? Any advice would be appreciated. Thanks


which one is it you like?


red lucky is a beauty-ten years to approach full size-without careful pruning it will be wider than tall-good drainage and not to much water-soil doesnt seem to matter-good luck

Dirty Diggin

If you're going for a pot, find one about a third of the size of the plant to keep it in proportion and pot on every two years. Remember to feed with a sutable feed. Miracle Gro or a tomato feed will be good as it begins to flower. After flowering, feed perhaps just twice a month with a feed high in nitrogen for foliage growth and phosphorus for the roots and shoots. Magnolias arnt fussy about what soil they go in. Ideally they like a neutral loam based compost with about 30% mushroom compost or other well rotted organic matter for moisture retention

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