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Very nice. I've never seen that one before. It reminds me of acacia flowers.


It seems to do that occasionally  

I zoomed in on your picture and discovered that what I thought were white doves/ducks on your lawn, weren't

Tetley mine is flowering too.  Cute little flowers.   Some doubt about it's hardyness in some places though.  

Tetley mine is flowering too.  Cute little flowers.   Some doubt about it's hardyness in some places though.  

Earlier than the "big boys" although Charity is not far behind


There's something odd about this thread. There's something odd about this thread.



I was going to ask about it's hardiness - it looks less robust than Charity or Winter Sun somehow. I love Mahonias when they're in full flow. There's one where I work - about 15/20 feet high -and it's stunning in winter, surrounded by other planting which harmonises and contrasts. It look great given the right location. 

Fairy, the big mahonias have an architectural structure that I like......different entirely from Caress in almost every way.  Only the flowers are similar.  

I think some will lose Careless over winter....its foliage does suggest it's a little tender

Not for me though Snow........tender or not it will be fine here.  

Ah! Seemingly careless with my terms but I think it has more to do with the iPad Tetley 


Totally different foliage Verd. Very pretty though. Wouldn't stand a chance here 

It is a lovely foliage plant.......the flowers won't last too long.  

Jo, in a tub it will need good compost....john innes with prob dried manure added.

i think it's hardyness will only be established after a full winter.  

Size?  The tallest part is where its flowering, mine about 80 cm. this stem is way above the rest of the plant.  I will remove this stem after flowering this keeping it compact and anticipate several flowering stems next year.  there is not enough info about this plant so comparing notes will be useful 

Yes Tetley mine is seemingly a bit different.  I will try to post a picture tomorrow.  I have a single stem rising from low foliage.  

Mine spent the summer in a pot awaiting planting, along with a lot of plants this year


I've had one in a pot for a few years.  Not had any sign of being tender.  I'm inNorfolk so not as wet as some areas but cold. It's north facing so not much sun warmth.  I've not protected the pot either.


Oh dear Snoodle - what are you doing up at that time of night?  Littlest one teething?

Hope you got some sleep eventually

that sounds promising Supernoodle.  

just been out to take a picture....mine is just over 70 cm having just measured it. 



Yes Jo there is space for it to settle well there 

that "heading for the stars" Tetley, I like it.  I am hoping it will do that, i.e.  send spikes every year on compact foliage. That spike will be removed when flowering is over.  I wonder if there are different clones doing the rounds..? I also think it will also be bigger than suggested

Thanks Snow 

Looks like Winter Sun Tetley 

I have Charity at about 12' about to flower.  I prune every year in December or Jan and it flowers every same for a friend and it does not deny flowering following year.  prob your hard prune Tetley.

Charity is a lovely shrub.....I will post a picture when it flowers. It tends to have some autumn tints in winter.  Often lonicera purpusii Winter Beauty flowers early to add strong scent to this corner in winter and spring

Does anyone know what causes the growth tip to die off with the Soft Caress type. My Mother's did that and recovered well but mine has too but hasn't quite recovered.

Wonder if it wasn't hardened off properly motorman.  Caress won't be as hardy as other mahonias and need a sheltered spot. 

Mine has finished flowering now and I have removed the flowered stem.  

Got a pretty big mahonia with loads of flowers about to turn yellow.