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I was thinking of cutting some bamboo to make holders for marshmallows on the barbecue. Does the team think it's up to the job or will it catch fire.


Try it and see! Marshmallows don't take very long so it may be OK. At pony club camp when I was a child we used to sterilise the dung forks in the fire then roast marshmallows on the tines!


Perfectly good idea BL. People make too much fuss about dirt and stuff now.

I shall try by bamboo. Don't do bbq very often and I have no idea where the big skewers are hiding


If you want to use them for BBQ, then you can soak the skewers in water first to stop them burning too quickly. But marshmallows should be ok.


Thanks fb, I'll go and cut them now and soak them

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