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I really would like to grow this plant but have fialed to get the seeds to germinate except one. I still have some seeds left (I think) and would love to get one going. Is there a trick to do this?


Sorry to tell you this -but I found them dead easy-I sowed some weeks back on a windowsill -came up within a week plants now hardening off in the cold frame.

Just treat as another other half-hardy annual-if you are stiil using home made compost as a seedling compost-that might be the problem.

I haven't planted any yet but will this weekend. The seeds I have where from schiphol so they might have been old. Hopefully I'll have better luck this time around.

Is it too late to start them off from seed now? I spotted that I can get them from one seller without paying postage. Not sure the seeds I found are Mirabilis Jalapa, but if they look like small handgranades I found five!


I think my seeds were probably quite old when I got them. The plant is the same. I have a thing for night scented plants, hence my interest in this one.

 This is Mirabilis "Limelight" which has lovely variegated leaves and bright pink flowers.

I'm just practising inserting a photo really!

I started some seeds a couple of weeks ago and they haven't germinated, I usually have no trouble. I will try again, it might be a bad year.


I have planted these in two ways, one as seeds in pots and also put some seeds straight out in the ground. the ones in the ground have already started. they have also self seeded from an exististing plant. they are yellow varieties as well as the pink.

Good luck

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