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i planted seeds around 8 weeks ago, all germinated and all are now nice liitle plants 3 or 4 inches high, they're in open greenhouse, should i plant out? leave in gh? pot on? leave pots out over winter?sorry to be thick, want to ensure they flower next summer, also just germinating are foxgloves and lupins, they're only tiny seedlings at the mo but what should i do with them til  next spring?


Mattiola - pot them on - they'll need to be in the greenhouse over winter.  When you've potted them on and they're looking happy I'd pinch out the growing tip to encourage them to bush out.

Foxgloves - prick out and pot on - then when they're well-grown either plant them out in the autumn or next spring - I'd probably wait until spring to avoid the worst of the slug predation.  They die down in the winter so don't panic.  Don't pinch out the growing tips of foxgloves. 

Lupins - I've not  grown them from seed for years - can't remember whether you pinch them out or not 

thanks dove you're a star, what would i do without this forum?!


  You'd buy a lot more books and magazines!

Don't forget that lupins are slug magnets! 

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