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Jacqueline  Stevens
My rodedeneram that should be flowering in may is starting to from buds that are close to opening.

Same here Jacqueline, I have a red flower right out!


That sounds lovely. I hope they don't exhaust themselves before next year!

Alina W

I've had a flower, too.

It'll be interesting to see what happens next year.



I have an auricula flowering and one about to

My clematis Montana has some flowers on it, as does my aubrietia. Looks good next my cosmos!
hollie hock

Same here Cheerybeth, got a couple of flowers on each. Some of  my spring bulbs seem to be sprouting as well

Mine has lots of buds too....but not sure they are leave or flower buds.


Gary Hobson

Here's my Wisteria, there are three blooms in flower, all like this one....


I've got a lovely White foxglove in flower, looks very nice with the Japanese anemones.
I trimmed back my ceanothus four weeks ago to keep it in check. Has put on a new spurt of growth and now reflowering.
hollie hock

It's very strange, I've seen ajuga in flower and the spring bulbs that have been sprouting I think are grape hyacinths.  Some of my primoses have small flowers on them. figrat-  bet that looks lovely but who would have thought it in Sept


yeah the seasons are all mixed up.. i have had cowslips flowering and primroses also.. and my ceanothus has been flowering as with my verburnum.. all wrong i hope we dont pay for it later..


Jacqueline  Stevens
Two week since it started to open and it now three open but all this wind and rain is not helping.

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