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Really chuffed, my Meconopsis flowered over the past weekend




Congratulations gurbian. 

As you can see, special horizontal plants!


 Well done.

I love blue meconopsis. Have you seen the display at  Harlow Carr (near Harrogate) down by the stream.? I am stunned by it every time I have been there.


No, i'm afraid i'm a long way from Harrogate (high up in South Wales). I've grown these from seed and it looks like this year 2 out of 4 are going to flower



Well onr gurbian, it's no mean feat to grow meconopsis from seed and keep them alive long enough to flower!  I think I'll try one more time..

These have taken 3 years to flower, but during that time i've done nothing to them. They've not been fed but because of where i live they have had a lot of water! I didn't have any problem with germination, i just followed the instructions on the packet - 2 weeks in the greenhouse and then into the fridge until shoots appeared. I guess i've been a bit lucky

so envious gurbian. i cant grow them


So lovely


I'm envious, I've failed in attempts to grow them. I love blue flowers.


beautiful- what's your secret? I've tried and tried to grow these from seed without success... bought one in a 9" pot after seeing it on Chelsea Flower show. Hope it seeds itself everywhere without me having to try yet again!

Judging by what i've read, the only thing i can think of is that being over a thousand feet above the south Wales valleys really suits these plants. We've had an extremely wet year prior to March and during March we had the first completely dry week since about May 2012. A few weeks ago Monty suggested selecting plants that are suitable for your local climate......maybe South Wales is similar to the Himalayas ! The one thats pictured is even in full sun all day, although again being high up just south of the brecon beacons we don't get a lot of sun.

Wow! I'm impressed Gurbian. Having given up long ago in getting one to grow, I'm thinking about Meconopsis Punicea. I first saw it growing at Wisley. Has anyone grown it? Is it easier than it's blue relative?

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