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Fantastic plants Dolly.  They look so strong and upright and happy happy happy.

I bought a couple a few years ago.  They flowered for a short spell - then disappeared and I never saw them again.  Couldn't find any trace of them in the soil during an autumn forage.

I must try them from seed.  They're such a puzzle.  I have friends who grown them in all kinds of conditions, different areas, different soils - they don't fuss over them - and they just grow and come back.

You've given me a temptation to try again. 

Hi Yarrow 2  That's such a shame that you lost your plants. Its usually over the winter that people loose them. They will usually only grow from fresh seed so be cautious buying seed from a garden centre where they may have been in the heat of a huge shed for months.

They are not as difficult as some may have you believe. It is all to do with making sure they do not dry out, feed them with some pelleted chicken manure or 'Grow more' and possibly mulch with leaf mould or garden compost to keep the moisture in as they are shallow surface rooted. Make sure you check any purchased compost that it does not have added lime. In the wild they can grow on limestone but that is different to added lime in a bag of compost.

Its not too late to get some seed and try again just now.

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