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My lovely Meconopsis, the blue Himalayan poppy, which l grew from seed, one is a very deep blue, one is a little lighter and the third is pale blue, all from one half price pack of the seed,




I AM SO ENVIOUS.  I cannot grow this meconopsis......have tried in several areas of the garden but no success.  Well done Dolly and from seed too.

looks great

Well done! Would LOVE to grow this and have tried several times but dont have acid soil which I believe is a prerequisite.....or is that just an excuse??


Wow they look lovely, never tried the myself but do have slightly acidic soil.


No Talullah, they need acid soil and shade, good mosture and good humousy soil.  I believe Scotland is,best place to grow them.

 my soil is  it is built on lime stone, and l live in the midlands, near were hundred or more years ago they dug the limestone out. and they do have sun and a little shade from the l will not let my poppy's know they are growing in the wrong soil. which is very loamy dark soil .the photo really as  not done them justice they are very much more lovely, l will try another  photo as  soon as the other buds come out, so never say you cannot do it, also they do not like pampering,once in the ground leave them. l have grown these before but they died out after a few years and neglect from me hoeing the young seedlings up..

good luck every one who tries.

Well clearly,have green fingers.  It's funny though because I often "break the rules" about planting and often it pays off.  Yes please, more pics would be appreciated.  

You have encouraged me to try again Dolly

Well I guess dolly that since you don't pamper them then you don't water them with a sequestered iron solution or any other form of tonic for lime  hating plants? Perhaps your good loamy soil is the answer then. Mine is London clay,  perhaps not yet sufficiently conditioned with organic matter. The site I attempted to grow them in was shady and damp however. Perhaps I need to apply more leaf mould and more neglect!!


l have lived in my home since 1959, and never changed the soil, it has lime as l said we are on a limestone ridge, l never give them any more than any other plant in my garden, only new soil is the soil that comes with plants that l have rescued from garden centre's when they are selling them cheap, l sometimes throw chicken pellets or growmore apart from that they get nothing,l do water when it has been dry for a long time (some hope any time soon) also l am 77yrs old so all l do is hoe.


 l have taken the photo's with my finepix camera, the weather was just beginning to rain. and so l think they are not too bad.


Dolly, beautiful, I am dark green with envy  

Some years ago I bought one, cannot remember conditions I put it in, but it died without even having a flower.

l have seen the prices for these poppy's, l could not afford £12.99 plus postage no matter how much l wanted them.

all l did to grow mine if i remember rightly was to sow the seed in a tray cover them very lightly then tamp them down, l left outside all winter and when they appeared last year l planted them then left them to themselves and was happy to see them grow so fast, also l live in a very high area in the midlands so this might have helped being they come from the himalayas

The potty gardener

They are beautiful Dolly . I think I will try some seeds


Probably not much point in me trying them then, I live fractionally below sea level!

go on have a go, look out for when they are selling of seeds.

never say never.



I'll keep my eyes open for seeds Dolly.

What a wondeerful colour - I will try to grow as always looking for different shades of blue

How do you grow these from seed. I planted 15 seeds and none survived!!!

Thanks to the above, l am now 79 years old and not in good health so l have had decorative stone put over most of the garden, so l moved them late last year, they are now growing again, l am quite surprised myself, not only them but  all of the plants l moved (with a little help from one of my sons are now growing), l also have 4 of the sweetest smelling dark red roses, l do not know the name but the scent is beautiful, the old house whose garden l took cuttings from was very old, now demolished, the rose it self was very old, out of three cuttings one grew and over the years l have parted it and one became four l gave my son for how l grow them l have no idea but l do know that l always think when l am sowing seed l say well l have given you a start now it is up to you.   

Just found this thread. Wonderful photographs. Dolly I hope all is well with you. Xxx I can see in your photographs that you actually have two different types of meconopsis. M. Bailey and M.lingholm. Both will grow from seed so if anyone else is still with the thread please look at   There is a forum link on there where you can register and post any questions. If you would really love these plants but do not have the correct soil, they will grow very well in a large pot provided you feed and water them. Yes they are expensive to purchase especially mail order with postage and minimum orders buy EBay also has a few dedicated sellers where you can purchase lovely healthy small plants just now.