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I was given a packet of these seeds, I have 2 germinated. That is not the problem

I would love to know if they are OK.Do they set seeds like anything so to be avoided. Do they stop growing early

Do they have any cultural peculiarities - apart from the name?

Pam LL x


Grew these in a pot over a small wigwam type thing last year - one of the few climbers to do wellish, considering the weather etc.  I find them quite fascinating, and will certainly grow them again.  They aren't stunning as e.g.  the huge clematis are, but the colours are interesting and flower shapes unique - go for it. 


Thank you both 


These used to be classified as being morning glory family. They have similar needs are tender, do not like temperatures bellow 5c. Other than that they are easy and you can get them to scramble over other plants or grow up supports. Watch out for slugs though.



I love these unusual climbers and try growing them every year. Last year mine all died in the grim has been said, they don't like the cold so I keep mine indoors well into summer...potting on the seedlings into quite deep pots with some pea sticks for support. I've grown them in full sun and in part shade both  times successfully. This year's seeds were sown over the bank holiday weekend and are germinating already.




I think cheery is doing the right thing by potting them up in deep pots, any of the morning glory family dont like root disturbance, so deep pots is the way to go. My morning glory were hopeless last year, and although i have the lobata seeds from last years mag, I am not going to grow them, I grew canary creeper last year, (took off like mad and enjoyed the weather!) I fancy a change of colour and have grown the cup and saucer vine. I don't suppose they will do too good here, they need lots of warm sun.


I'm in the Midlands Lyn and coboea scandens always goes like a train here....


Here's a pic of the Mina I grew a couple of years ago on her back fence...

I have only managed to germinate 2 out of 5 seeds, is this normal?

Will I be able to collect seeds if it flowers?

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