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Can anyone recommend a minature Water Lily that is suitable for a half barrel pond?
All that I have seen in our local GC's are the usual varieties which are too big for my half barrel. So if anyone can recommend a type that I could try and buy online that'd be great


Victoria Sponge

Those websites look good. I got the Pygmy alba and Pygmy ruber from crocus but they are much more expensive than the waterside website above.

I might invest in the yellow one. 

They say they manage in as little as 6" water and at low tide my pond drops to about 8" and they both look fine and are about to flower, although this is their second year. It's just the spread that might concern me- 16-18" if you have other plants in your barrel?


Ooooo, one of them would be perfect for my little pond.  The frogs have only got duckweed for company at the moment!

star gaze lily

I've been thinking of having a barrel pond.....those lillies look lovely 


Thanks for your help
I think I may get one from waterside.
I was going to include more plants but I think the water lily will need the space. I have placed potted grasses around the barrel though to add interest.
Victoria Sponge

That's really nice- like the idea of colour changing


That's what drew me to it and the colours of the plants around the pond will correspond


Try these;-

Nympaea pygmaea Rubra, N. pygmaea Helvola, N. Perry's Baby Red'.  They're all about the £20 mark.


Victoria Sponge

I was looking at the Helvola, but I'm not committed yet

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