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Has anyone bought one of these 'shake n sow' tubs? Curious as to what types of flowers are included - assume they're all annuals (but that they may self sow if leave to go to seed). Need a nice variety of flowers for a few new borders and these 'appear' to be a good idea (know I could buy seeds on their own but anything which might help them grow must be a good thing)
Oakley Witch

I havent seen them Becky...what are they?

It's a 1kg tub which has seeds, coir and a feed and you 'shake n sow' in your borders and then according to their tv advert you'll have lovely flowers?

Easy all in one mix of multi-coloured flower seeds, feed and coir. Enriched with Miracle-Gro Plant Food which feeds for up to 4 months. For use in beds, borders and containers. Flowers from June to October, sow when the risk of frost has passed. Contains up to 29 flower seed varieties.

Sounds like a way for someone to make money and you to spend it Becky. There's already something on the ground for your seeds to grow in. 

Hi Becky P

I have been using miracle grow wild flower seed for three years now and they give a beautifull show right up to the first frost and unlike most bedding plants they are natural bees and birds love them



They are doing a trial of some if these on Beechgrove, will be interesting to see how they turn out

They did a patch of  these in the local garden centre. They were in desperate need of thinning. Unless you can recognise  the seedlings,you will get nothing like  the picture.

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