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just after some assurance that im doing things correctly raising these youngsters. they are still on a west facing window, though i have now knocked together the plastic growhouse, which is in position ready. the thermometer i popped inside read 15c at 1030am this morning (its overcast and quite windy, here). not sure what temp that is going to go down to but wondered if any of these below are ready to be moved into there?


 tomato (cherry)

 lettuce and tagetes, and dainty:

 lettuce and aubretia:





lavenders to follow next post ...


some outsiders now. first are 3x strawberries - cambridge favourite and red gauntlet:









hollie hock

They all look really healthy, the calendula are hardy, all of mine are outside in an open coldframe.

UPDATE: just checked the thermometer in the growhouse, its gone up to 39c!! it is in direct sunlight, and the sun has now broke that too hot for young plants? i wont be able to unzip it during the day. i could in the mornings before work, at 745am but then wont be back til 7pm to close it.

Thanks Hollie. do you think i should move them outside into the growhouse? will they be too hot in there at 39c?



Everything except the tomatoes can go outside (harden them off first by putting them out during the day and bringing them in at night for about a week).

When hardened off put them in the little grow house and leave it open during the day with the 'door' fixed up and close it at night.

I wouldn't put the tomatoes out until June, and then dependant  on the weather. 

You could even plant the lettuce and parsley out into the garden when hardened off.  

Snip those flower stalks off the strawberries - in their first year they need to put all their energy into building up the crowns so that they fruit well next year.

They're all looking very healthy 

Hi Dove,

Ah OK, so the modules of parsley, calendula, lettuce, aubretia and tagetes - can i just stick the trays outside now as they are? how about in heavy rains, etc?

and by 'outside' should i put the tomatoes inside the growhouse, but leave it zipped up til June? or keep them on the windowsill?

Thank you

hollie hock

I would move them outside, it probably would be wise to harden them off first as Dove suggested just to get them used the outside temps. I find the calendulas tough little plants.

Opening and closing the grow house doors is brilliant as it provides good ventilation and protection. I do leave my little seedlings outside but if it rains heavily I bring them under cover as the rain could do them some damage as they are so small



Tomatoes need to stay indoors until June - in your house on the windowsill or wherever they get the most light!

The seedlings will be ok in rain - just check them when you get in from work and make sure they're not in standing water - plants do grow out there in Nature without us looking after them you know  - my veg seeds have been sown direct into the garden - if it rains they'll cope - in fact they'll probably be better in the soil than in pots - I won't have to worry that they're getting waterlogged.   If there is heavy hail they might get a bit damaged - but that's gardening. 

Thanks Dove, all true points and forgotten! i think its just cause being my first year i dont want them to fail having come so far  

one quick question though. when do they stop being seedlings and become 'young' plants hardy enough to go outside? is there a rough rule to follow. 

incidentally, i havent sown anything direct other than broad beans, which i sown in a pot outside, but theyve yet to come up (its been 2 weeks since they were sown)

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