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The Marzano and Costoluto Fiorentino tomatoes grown in my greenhouse have produced weird clusters and shapes, will these fruits ripen and be suitable to eat?

I have also had blossom end rot on the Marzano.

Pictures attached.


Those shapes are completely normal for those varieties Patricia.  David's is a little unusual (as well as funny)!


Is the 2nd photo supposed to be a Marzano, Patricia?  It's actually a Costoluto - did you get the labels mixed up like I often do?

That isn't BER on the 2nd one - that's just how Costaluto sometimes grow and I just slice that highly compressed bit off before cooking.  Some of the flowers are naturally malformed on that variety and the toms which develop from those have more of the compressed 'pleats' at the bottom.

When, in the fifties , I was employed on a farm in France as a number 6 garden assistant. I was put in charge of the Tomatoes in a prehistoric glass house.

The " Madame" who consider all English people to be " a carbuncle on the backside of humanity" used to rebuke me for growing what she called  " cat faced rubbish."

i did try to prove that they tasted better ( which they most certainly did) than her favoured Marmande types. But she would not have it. So I had to catch the next Garry back to Newhaven. Tant pis!


Sorry, that should be the next Ferry not Gerry.


The Costolutos are just heavily ribbed as they should be. "Costoluto" means ribbed in Italian. That's "cat facing" on the very bottom of a Costuluto in the second photo as punica alludes to above. It's akin to a hernia, a malformation caused by a hiccup in the pollination process. Just cut around it.

Are they C. Fiorentina or C. Genovese, Patricia? They look like Genovese.

Thank you very much Italophile for that most interesting and informative information.

Very good advice.


Love that phrase 'cat-faced' - Purrfect description!

  Mine today - just beginning to turn colour.  Every fruit I've ever had from Costoluto Genovese has been 'cat faced':

Great flavour though!

I too have had mishappen tomatoes, but I still ate them yummy !!!! 

Many thanks for all your comments,  advice etc.

The Costoluto Fiorentino in the picture are all joined together, not easy to slice!  I am looking forward to their maturing to enable a taste.

A few of the Marzano have mutured o.k, one, so far, has been  rotten on the inside.

Best wishes and thanks.




This is a rather naughty looking Costoluto Genovese picked today. 


Would probably go well with the "Willy Chilis" in one of the the chili threads! 

 There is a scar mark on some of the tomatoes growing at home as if someone had sliced them and stuck them together again....The tell-tale line in between is the one I cannot explain. 


That's a serious case of "cat facing".  See my post above (23/8/14) for an explanation. It doesn't affect the taste of the tomato overall but, when you cut it open, you'll find a line of fibrous flesh (on the skin and just below the surface) following the line of the "join". Just cut it out and the rest of the tomato will be fine.


Italophile , is that caused by irregular watering, the split, I mean not cat face. They take in the water too quickly and split the skins? 



Which split, Lyn? Splitting in general? Splitting is usually caused by sudden excesses of moisture, either by watering or sudden downpours. The sudden addition of moisture causes the flesh to swell and the skin, unprepared, stretches until it splits.

There are also some varieties that are prone to cracking, a different thing to splitting. This is cracking:

It's genetic. If the cracks are allowed to widen too much, you end up with the same problem as splitting - infection.

 Mine is a roof top garden and in pots This is my first year to grow tomatoes in pots.The flowers about 60% turned yellow and dried up and leaves wilted. In the pots ,however, natural shaped tomatoes also with healthy leaves were there.(all from single packet of seeds)



That's serious "cat facing" on the tom on the left, a mild case on the one in the middle.

Flowers will dry up and die off in very hot weather. Leaves will wilt as well.

any remedy? so that I take care next year.