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Bunny ...

Could anyone tell me what this plant is, I have noticed it popping up in other places round about and wondered about taking cuttings....but no label so havent been able to look it up



Can you get a clearer picture Bunny?


Can you blow the picture up a bit?

It looks a bit like a currant but............................


I can't get it enlarged bunny, it comes up inanother screen but is still too small to see detail. can you do another pic or describe it?

Bunny ...

its cold out there !!!!!! hang on.....


Bunny ...
Just avoiding neighbour il get one in a sec hehehe

Leaves are pale green go red orange , sort of ferny leaves .

Errrm- still a bit small

Can you do a close-up of the actual leaves-it looks familiar-but...........

Bunny ...

You just like sending me out



It is because when we click onto enlarge- they don't

Dont know what it is -but I withdraw my currant guess-but it is still familiar


That's what I was thinking - no need to take cuttings - those'll be suckers that are coming up all over the place 

chilli lover

That's what I thought too but mine isn't showing the slightest bit of growth yet so thought OK similar but not the same

Bunny ...
Nope I've just looked that up it isn't that......but you have just told me what the tree in my garden is ! Rhus what's it !!

I shall continue my search


Bunny ...

Thats it ,Thats it , Thats it !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Thank youuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu

****runs to write label****


My plant is in the middle of the photo

Pam LLx



Bunny ...
Yep sure that's it , thanks .

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