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Hi i just wondering if anyone mixed any of your lilium lilys together? i got 3 muscadet bulb and 2 stargazer bulbs, I think they will complement each other quite well. Or would you plant them on their own?  I wonder what the scent will be like? i dont know if they smell similar are not. 

I bought some tree/tower lilys today aswell, will they flower the first year?



flowering rose

I have these two and they are lovely but mine are in two separate pots but next to each other they compliment each other. mind the lily beetle.

 Perki..........depends on the bulb size.........I bought some" tree" lillies and they flowered in the first year.

Personally I love L candidum and regale but I wouldn't turn my nose up at most of the lillies on offer nowadays


Hi philippa the bulbs are about 2 inch by 1 1/2 inch if that makes sense . I had some regale bulbs in my basket was getting them but put them back when i walked past the bulbs again and got stargazer 


Flowering Rose - is the scent of the muscadet and stargazer similar? with them growing similar heights i was going to mix them up with each other. I do love the scent of lilys, it be a shame if i couldnt smell one over the other.


I grow my lilies in large pots - I don't mix the varieties as they take different lengths of time to flower, so you could have a pot of dying blooms with one still budding.

Having them in pots means that I can group them together when they're flowering 



I mix mine, because I use large pots. I don't mind some dying off as others flower. I don't notice much difference in perfumes, if any, they just smell wonderful. Don't get pollen on your nose

Perki they should flower the first year.


I don't have any spare pots - aren't they expensive - so mine will go straight in the garden. They will be close to each other but probably in two 'streams' rather than mixed, not decided yet.

perki they will be lovely however you plant them, if you fancy mixing then 'just do it' at least you'll know for next year if you like it! enjoy the experiment / playing!

Orchid Lady

I had a tree Lilly in a pot and split it last year into 2 pots, added to them 2 smaller new lilies (cheap at the end of the season so I haven't actually seen them yet!) so I (hopefully) will have 3 different colours in 2 pots that will compliment each other.  

I think it's entirely up to you though, for example, I have put my tulips in 3 pots, each pot all the same colour to have a different effect.

It may of course all look rubbish, only time will tell, but if it does I'll do something different for next year.  Lillie's are one of my favourite plants / flowers and I am very tempted by the Black Knight Lilly, it looks beautiful  I hadn't thought  of the different flowering times though so that may be an issue 


Hi, i planted muscadet and stargazer together in the front garden. With only have 2 stargazer bulbs made my mind up, i only work in 3 or 5 odd numbers i am very picky on little things 

Just wait and see how they do, if it doesnt turn out as well as i pictured, i can just move them or buy some more lilys 

Mrsgarden - i dont have any spare pots either, i would love some real terracotta pots but the price . i bought some cheap ones 99p, i hadn't even used them and i put a hole in the bottom of one. They ok they will do the job for now.

I did buy 2 packs of tree lilys one for myself and one for mothers day, i am getting  itchy feet now and want them for myself 

Orchid Lady

I'm a bit like that too Perki, I have 5 in each pot, 1 of the tree Lily (I don't know the name if it!) and 2 each of the smaller ones.  They have some nice pots in Aldi but not sure if they are big enough?

Tracey.........If you decide on Black Knight, I'd be interested to know if the colour really is as described......for.some of the pics in the catalogues they must use filters on the lens as they are somewhat unrealistic.   I'm tempted to add it to list

Orchid Lady

My dilemma is Philippa, do I really need 10 bulbs, but it's such a good price for 10. I could do with someone to share with and then they would be cheap as chips 

Tracey  ......go on then, you've talked me into it.  I'm sure we could manage 5 each unless someone else wants to give them a go ?  It will be interesting to see what they turn out like.

What price can you get them for ?  I'd be prepared to pay for 5  plus whatever it costs for you to post them to me.  I've already sent plants to others on this forum so I can be trusted

Send me a PM if you want to do it?

Orchid Lady

They are actually on this website Phillippa, you can buy 5 but only a couple of ££ cheaper for 10 and fee delivery so seems sensible  It will probably be Friday now before I can get them ordered but thank you so much for the offer, will PM you 


Perki - dont forget go share some photos so we can all see how they turn out, you may even set a trend for next year!

MrsGarden - i will report back with some pictures in a few months time 

unless the the slugs get them

Tracie........have PMd you

Mike............excellent idea........maybe a thread on which we could deal just with sharing the cost of some plants/bulbs we want but can't cope with the number we have to buy ?  Might be worth a thought

Perki.............come on now, don't be defeatist


Philippa - i planted 3 lilys bulbs last year very dark maroon colour ( looks similar to black jewel you are looking at ) i total forget about them. By time i notice slugs had nibbled right at very bottom of the plant and ruined 2 of the plants  

But i mange to save them, put them in pot in greenhouse. now about 7 inch tall're a dark horse are maybe already growing the ones Tracey and I are after

Do please let us know how they turn out.