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Faye Marshall

Watching GW last week there was a shot of Monty's jewel garden, in which were these lovely flowers. Have searched all over but am drawing a blank. Can anyone tell me what they are? Thanks!


Think they are zinnias if that helps

I would say Zinnia as well

I'm growing some called Raspberry Lemonade, more pastel shades....they've just started to germinate
Rosa pulcino wrote (see)

This may have been listed elsewhere, but if you enter GW through the BBC web site, and not through iplayer, the programmes for this season are there for 3 months.

I found there is not a direct link from the web site and you have to enter it through the BBC web site search facility

Hope this helps those who struggle to see it, also information about plants mentioned and gardens visited


Rosa pulcino wrote (see)

In fact just looked in more depth and there are the previous series also being shown

 These may help, thought MD last years plants may be mentioned


Faye Marshall

Thanks everyone! Zinnias are the best bet I think, though Monty's seem to be an uncommon variety.

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