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Will pot up Imto bigger,pots some yellow,osteospermum and blue linum perenne in a mo to plant out in the garden next month. Yep, bit corny but backed by dwarf purple berberis it was an eye catcher all summer for me last year. Since I lack imagination I am repeating it in other hot spots this year. Any combinations you stick with too?

I like plummy reds and acid greens together - haven't got any at the moment 'cos this garden is  still very new but in time ................ 


All a bit random here, partly because I never remember where anything is and when it flowers.


I like yellow and blue too, got lots of it i the garden at the moment with grape hyacinths and primroses.  Also orange and purple and red and green.  But I am a bit likr Chritophrer Lloyd and go for great disharmonies as well.  Here are some pictures of the eye candy in my garden this morning.





All colours welcome in my garden but my favourite is blue. Hoping my delphiniums will survive this year.


Morning happymarion, lovely pics. Christopher lloyd was a mischievous guy too and liked to provoke. He tried clashing plants but with the knowledge they would work, I think
Hiya maud, got few delphiniums emerging. Sure yours will do their thing this year

In the Bristol Botanic Garden there is a big spread of the Bristol Flower, Lychnis chalcydonica, bright crimson, next to a big clump od Lychnis coronaria atrosangunia which has puce flowers.  I have to smile when I hear people say, surely that is a mistake or Christopher LLoyd would have loved that as they are in the Phyllogony Garden which shows plants in their families.  The lesson is that cousins can look very different as well as very similar.

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