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Following the amazing success of the last plant id request, I have another I don't know:


This isn't in my garden  but in the grounds of the Cathedral. It is taller than me (5foot 10) and really rather lovely. Anyone know what it is? If it is worth it I might try to pinch some seeds when it gets to that point 


Looks like a phormium to me - not sure if they will grow from seed in our climate .... But nothing ventured etc ....


Oops - not a phormium then



Or maybe it is ......


Before the frost got it, mine used to flower like that. Then it has flat black shiny seeds.

Should I add one to the white buddleja? Not sure how you'd get it home,it's in a bucket sized pot. And it's variegated. If I remember I'll take a pic tomorrow.


Phormium! Whoops was I too slow?


I'd have said phormium but I don't know the Hesperaloe


Flowers are wrong for hesperaloe.


Thanks everyone  

Bob, done some googling, I think the others have it I'm afraid 

i might have a go at collecting seeds myself Fidget  It is huge and very lovely. God knows where I would put it in the garden 


They take a long time to get huge,except in Cornwall.

star gaze lily

Lol snoodle 

I've seen them in gardens Panda, think they are lovely too. Good luck with the seed collecting 

I agree it's a phormium - there are some ginormous ones in The Garth in the old part of Norwich School of Art.

I don't know that Hesperaloe but I'm glad you introduced us to it Bob It looks fab.

Nut, it would be perfect for your garden


Chrissy the gardener

I have one of these flowering for the first time, it is definitely a Phormium. Don't think it will grow from seed


Yes - Phormium. One of my Yellow Wave ones  is about to flower any moment. I've just divided some of mine. The common or garden ones get very big - I had the green one which flowered regularly (as in your pic Panda)  but they do need a bit of room to look their best. Lots of good named varieties which tend to be a bit smaller but they're great in containers too. 

If you want a piece of Yellow Wave - green/yellow, or Blackadder - very dark plum, let me know 



Erm, yes please Fairy  The black adder one looks amazing (although, to be fair, so does the Yellow Wave!). I know where I could put it too so it has loads of room 


I just have the bog standard phormium and it is a whopper flowers aren't even attractive, might be going to plant heaven soon.



No prob Panda. PM your address and I'll send some bits to you. They grow on very easily.