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This is another lovely flower from the Miracle-Gro woldflower mix I grew this summer that I cannot seem to identify. It's dark pink with a white/pale pink edge and grows in clumps. There were no other colours, just this dark pink. It didn't have much of a scent. The leaves are quite slender. Any help with identifying this flower would be much appreciated.



not a rhodo, you wouldn't get that to flower in a season. It will be an annual.


Thanks nutcutlet, dunno what else it could be. Been on google images for ages and can't find anything that looks remotely like it...


Hello panda762.  It looks like godetia which is an annual. 


Yes!!!! Well done butterflybrain (although I'm bemused as to why Miracle-Gro added it to their 'wildflower' mix). Thank you


I would suggest Godetia too. I grew them last year.

These are the plants I had


Mattbeer87, lovely photo - yes, that's them


I think that maybe they are included in the seed mix because like cosmos they are good bee plants. 

butterflybrain I think you're probably right They do seem to have attracted lots of bees over the summer.


They're  wild somewhere in the world.

I remember those now from my childhood, thought it looked familiar


I accidentaly (don't ask! sowed these in between paving slabs some years ago, to my surprise when they came up & flowered, it worked well and they looked great - but sadly didn't seed themselves afterwards as I was hoping.  

Bookertoo, lol.

Maybe you should accidently spill some next spring?


The local garden centre had a patch of these growing to demonstrate . I thought it looked like a lot of cheap annuals, godetia, calendula at the time were prominent.

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