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Hi again all,

I am looking for some more help and advice. 

Please see attached pictures of what I have been told are herbs (first summering this house)

these have grow to this stage very quickly and I think I need to trim them, just thought I would ask on here what/how I need to do ? 



I think we need close up photos.  In the meantime, crush some leaves of each and that will tell you what they are.


The one with blue flowers is sage - the bees will love the flowers.  I think the two by the steps are possibly different types of mint.  The one behind the sage looks like golden marjoram.

I find that at this time of year using the herbs usually provides trimming enough 



One smells of mint and another of lemon. 

Do I just pull the leaves from the stem, or cut the stem to base? 


The one that smells of lemon - is that the darker one of the two by the steps?  If so then it might be either lemon balm or lemon verbena - google both and see if either suits.  

As for picking the herbs - I just pick a sprig or several, as much as I want.  You won't do them any harm.  The Golden Marjoram will have flowers on it soon and the bees will love that one too. 

In the late autumn, when you're tidying the garden for the winter, you can cut them back then if you like, but I prefer to leave the top growth on to protect the crown during the winter, then  cut them right back in the early spring.  


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