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Can anyone identify the following please


Thank you



The last one's what it says on the label - Dorinicum (Leopard's Bane).

No. 3 is a saxifrage 

Not sure about the others - it'll be easier when the flowers come out. 


The second one might be Armeria,  a native seaside plant [Thrift/Sea Pink], need to see it in flower to confirm that.

Both the first and the second photos are of Thrift.


I thought the first one might be garlic, looking at the leaves, or its an allium.

Second one is Thrift

Third is a saxifrage

Fourth is Doronicum (Leopards Bane)



Could the top one not be dianthus?


Top one looks like an allium to me. Dianthus is more solid and spiky in it's foliage Kay - especially the new growth.

This is one of mine from last year - big pot in middle of pic with pink flowers:



The first one looks very much like the Armeria giradii 'joystick' (dwarf sea thrift) that I bought last week.


I agree with Gardenmaiden, but I think the first one is an allium. I have a white one like that.


I'd go with allium,  armeria, saxifrage, doronicum


Right, i'll post another picture of the top two when they've flowered haha!!


Hi Kay - this is a pic of the plant I bought - what do you reckon?  It looks very similar to the first one.  It's got white pom pom like flowers.

I feel naughty disagreeing with those voting for alliums as I wouldn't normally have a clue but it looks so similar I'm going to stick my neck out on this one  


 Right, I'm posting this then running for cover..... 

Victoria Sponge
Potters wrote (see

 Right, I'm posting this then running for cover..... 


 That's funny Potters! I love Armeria- one of my favourite plants. 


My first thought on 1. was armeria but then I looked at the leaves and thought bulb.

I think you're right Potters

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