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 exhibit d

 exhibit e

 exhibit f


 Exhibit G the white powdery stuff is lime which the farmer next door put on his field , my plants , my car, my windows ...

 Exhibit h

 Exhibit i (might be more identifiable tomorrow )


 Exhibit k

 exhibit L

 Exhibit M which isnt another L



 exhibit n which is an L

 Exhibit O

 exhibit P same as O ?

Green Magpie

C is London Pride (don't know the botanical name).

E is some kind of spurge (euphorbia), possibly sun spurge.

G is scarlet pimpernel

H looks like a potato in flower

I looks like a cornflower in bud

I think J is allysum

Have I reached the pass mark?


L are poppies! M looks like a nasturtium.


A, B, C: ?

D: ageratum

E: milkweed

F: fat hen? (weed)


H: looks very much like a potato

I: cornflower

J: candytuft

2 Wheel Gardener wrote (see)

H) Looks like could be Cornflower or Bachelor's button (Centaurea cyanus)

your probably right as there should be some in the mix thank you 1 point to 2 wheeled gardener  


Green Magpie

Just spotted some more.

K is speedwell

L is a poppy

M is a nasturtium

N looks like another variety of poppy


b Red campion    e euphorbia    h potato,  j Alyssum  k Red flax  (Linum)

l Papaver rhoeas   m Nasturtium


 exhibit q

 exhibit r

 exhibit s which grows like an untidy bush but nice flowers



 Exhibit bee i mean T

i've got a feeling that on the left might be nigella



 Exhibit U from monday but no one got this one then.

 and finally V the purple and white 4 petaled flowers


U is red orach   v looks like hesperis matronalis  s is fumitory. q lobelia.  Delete previous answer red flax. Might be nemophila.  O and p look like  A Phacelia tanacetifolia.


answers so far


a Phacelia tanacetifolia   

b Red campion    

c London Pride    

d ageratum    

e milkweed euphorbia  

f spurge (euphorbia), possibly sun spurge fat hen? (weed)  

g scarlet pimpernel    

h potato    

i cornflower    

j candytuft Alyssum  

k Red flax (Linum) speedwell Baby blue eyes - Nemophilia menziesii

l poppy Papaver rhoeas  

m Nasturtium    

n another variety of poppy

o Phacelia tanacetifolia.

P Phacelia tanacetifolia.

q lobelia  

r -------

s fumitory  

t --------

u red orach

v hesperis matronalis


fidget bones clearly in the lead with arounf 14 identifications unless some are wrong



What a great thread! Way too difficult for the likes of more but love the pics. 


I put a few easy ones in as well  to give everyone a fighting  chance