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Jack 3

Hi all!

Hope everyone is well. please could you help, a couple of things have appeared in the garden and also my mother in law has sent some plants over and I'm not sure what they are.




 4) I think this is a Geranium, does anyone know which kind?

 5) About five of these are down one side of the garden

 6) This spotted set of leaves have appeared under a couple of bushes.

 7) Sorry I've lost track, maybe this is a close up of No2

 Thank you all, happy I-Ding!


1 a cotoneaster

2, Cotoneaster, looks like horizontalis

5 some sort of iria

6 Pulmonaria

7 is a cotoneaster 

Jack 3

Thank you nutcultet, you are fast. I thought 2/7 was cotoneaster, that's a shame I've already got a whole area of hedge covered with that.

I didn't think 1 was cotoneaster, are there many types? The leaves on this are about 2cm long. Is Iria, Iris?


sorry yes, Iris. Typo

Lots of cotoneasters but it may not be, see what others think

Agreed, if you look at the vein action on 1 and 3, they look exactly the same. And I'm sure 2 would aswell, but there's a lot of light reflecting off it 


Jack 3

Ah, thank you both I will have a look into the different types of cotoneaster.

Does anyone have an idea about 4?

Yes, that is a Geranium, but it's Latin name is Pelagronium (sp. ?) 

Jack 3

Ah thank you Ryan!


1 could be Cotoneaster Cornubia, or C. Bullatus. Difficult to tell ,even with a photo.

I'd say 5 looks like  Iris Pseudoacorus. common flag iris, a weed in my garden.

3 could be C. simonsii, but again, don't quote me on it.

Jack 3

Thank you Hostafan.

I was just looking at varieties and I think 1) is a Cotoneaster Lacteus because the leaves are dark green on top and pale almost white underneath. Sorry they are bad pictures.

I'd never really know about Iris' the flowers look amazing on them. I won't mind a weed if it looks like that, When I got this garden last summer, these Iris looked the same but almost dying, no flowers on, when do they flower?

I will look up C.simonsii, thank you!


I don't think 1 is lacteus.

The iris could be pseudocorus, it may be a water iris but it seeds and flowers in the most unlikely places

Jack 3

Ah ok, I just looked at some descriptions and that seemed closest. Do you know of any types that are very pale under leaves. I'm hoping it's an evergreen one.

I will look at those Iris' too. Thank you!


I'll have a look at the baby C. lacteus tomorrow, there'squite a lot of seedlings out there 2/3 years old. I'll see what they look like.

I had simonsii in the hedge but it couldn't compete with the other plants and died, so I can't go and look at that. I have some that have never been IDd. I think they cross as well

Jack 3

Thank you nutcutlet much appreciated. These plants are in pots about a foot high at the moment. I'm hoping, now that I've found out they are cotoneasters that they are upward growing ones as they'll help with the concealing of the bottom of the garden I'm trying to do. Is cotoneaster fast growing? Sorry for all the questons.



lacteus is quite quick once it gets going,, they're big wide bushes as well if you don't hedge them


Jack 3

OK, thanks nutculet. I'm going to go out and look at these plants again now, then read up on descriptions of cotoneaster.


 I am almost certain no6 is Pulmonaria, a lovely plant with purple or vivid blue flowers that arrive in spring. A lovely find as it grows into clumps quite fast which can be split and spread around. I bought mine about 7 years ago as a tiny seedling and now have about 12 big clumps around the garden and running out of space. No 2,3 are definitely Cotoneaster, if you like birds in your garden they love the red berries that this produces in winter.4, I agree with Ryan is a Pelargonium.


I hope you're there Jack, 1. could be Cotoneaster lacteus, I thought it wasn't but on looking at the babies I think it might be.

Babies, below

leaves of the mature bush, got it sideways, sorry, they hang down


the bush below is about 18 years old, 10-12 foot high and would be clothed to the ground and much wider. I had to do a major cutting job or we wouldn't have been able to get by



Jack 3

Hi Nutcutlet, thank you so much for going to all this trouble. The photo's are great! Yes I looked at all sorts of pictures of Cotoneaster today and convinced myself that it was a lacteus because of it's arching branches, and pale under the leaves. I'd have to show a picture of the full plant for you to know what I mean.

Wow one in the last picture is impressive! Your garden looks huge. I planted two of them out today where I want them to grow up and form an almost hedge. Then planted the Cotoneaster horizontalis in the corner where ground cover was needed.

I imagine they'll take quite a long time to grow large though.

Thank you so much for the help with this.

Ecobaby, thank you for the picture and advice, I'll have to have a go at splitting the plants once they are big enough. I love the leaves on these, and the flowers look lovely. I do love birds in my garden, and I'm already growing to like the cotoneaster plants.



The  C.lacteus will soon bulk up.