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The answers to my first post were so helpful (thank you!) that I'm posting a few other things I can identify. Any ideas gratefully received! (My pics always seem to post on the side, so apologies for that.)

1) Large bush, probably at leats 6ft tall. Beautiful clusters of tiny blue flowers. It grows in quite a shady spot, with lots of aquilegia unedrneath it.

2) My mum thought this might be a dogwood, but after looking it up I don't think so:

3) Small tree / tall shrub in a partially shaded spot:

4) Bushy thing in a sunny spot. I thought it might be a berberis of some kind, but it doesn't have any spikes - does it need to? The leaves have all curled a bit round the edges, not sure if that will help ID it or if that's down to something I've done!

5) Finally, something I almost managed to kill by hard pruning it in the winter when it looked like dead wood (didn't realise this was a silly thing to do...). It's trying hard to come back, bless it. Don't know if anyone can ID it from the very limited pic and only one flower, but I thought knowing what it is might help me rescue it!

Thanks for looking!


I think 2 is a photinia. It looks like the one in my garden anyway.

Is 1 a ceanothus?

Not sure about the others.



1. Ceanothus

2. Photinia Red Robin

3. Viburnum Eve Price ?

Wonderful, thanks both.

I agree with ceanothus and photinia... Not sure about viburnum, but just had to reply because we are clearly the same species




Photinia red robin


Need better picture...sorry



4 might be a Chaenomeles...flowering quince 

Wowee, I love this forum! Thank you all so much. Fairly sure it's a viburnum though rather than a cotoneaster. I'm clearly no expert, but I do have a cotoneaster that I successfully managed to identify for myself - pat on the back for me, hehe.

I'm hoping one day I will be able to identify plnts for other people, but have a lot to learn first!


Cotoneaster franchetii. Looks like little berries developing on your picture and viburnum have bigger flower heads. 

Lordy, maybe it is. It doesn't hang like a cotoneaster, if you know what I mean, but it certainly looks like one of the pics on google...



addict wrote (see)

Cotoneaster franchetii. Looks like little berries developing on your picture and viburnum have bigger flower heads. 

Addict I think you're right.


yey i got the red robin i'm terrible at identifying plants


Fanks KEF. Do have one growing in one of the gardens I do so recognised it straightaway.


Blackest well done lol. If you looked at plants and dealt with plants all day like I do you would soon learn 

3 is definitely cotoneaster. There are loads of different ones, too many to count, deciduous and evergreen.  Last picture can't make out, looks like three or four things together.  One of them Japanese anemone.



4 could be escallonia- could do with a pic at more distance if that's possible Lottie!

Definitely ceanothus and photinia fro 1 and 2, and I'd say potentilla  for the last one too- flower looks right. It'll come away no prob after cutting it back - they're pretty tough!

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