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Is anyone able to help please? I have too much earth on show between my shrubs and bulbs, which means endless weeding. Do you have any suggestions for plants I can add to fill in the gaps? I have mainly pink and purple colours.


I suggest that you plant more of the plants that you have, in groups of 3, 5 or 7 depending on the space available.

You could then hoe between them and  mulch with compost to keep weeding to a minimum.

Thanks for the ideas. Hopefully it will be warm enough to get along to the garden centre soon and then i can put in some new plants.


There are some lovely perennial geraniums in pinks and purples that are good and filling in gaps.



I agree, Busy-Lizzie - I use Geranium wallichianum 'Buxton's Variety' all around my garden.  It's fast growing, has both pretty leaves and flowers and it makes a great low-growing ground-cover.

Last year I discovered a bedding plant called gazania kiss series. Seriously good plant that I hardly watered and it bloomed its heart out. Aldi have miniature plugs of these for 1.99. They are like a large daisy flower. I'm addicted and just set 20 bronze seeds tonight! I have 100 kiss series to sow hopefully tomorrow. I don't have room for them all but I figure I can make family smile by giving gifts!
Woodgreen wonderboy

Gazanias smile when the sun shines..I have found them more hardy than advertised. Has anyone else nursed them through winter to get a second season and were they as good?

I nursed mine then suddenly they went mushy to the core!! They are a bargain space filler. Especially if your on a water meter!!

I'd go for a good mixture of easy going perennials, something for all seasons. The bees will love you. 

Wood green, they are still flowering throughout this winter. I think they have short life but second Summer is just as good.
Mrs F, plant geraniums. There are some fantastic foliage varieties out there too.....Ann folkard, Tanya Rendell...and others like Jolly Bee that provide sheer flower power. You can have blues, pinks, purples, whites and they suffocate most weeds.
Go on mrs F ..dazzle yourself and your friends this summer and plant hardy geraniums
Mrs F. Check out the new varieties of geraniums on line. You will be amazed at the range available. Don't get the old dreary varieties languishing at your local GC ......the new ones are so much better

My vote would go with hardy geraniums too - I love the Roxanne one - flowers all summer for me.  Orion is also good if you want something that is less groundcover and more of a mound.

I would say to steer clear of the double ones though - the flowers are pretty, but quite small, and not many of them in comparison with the single flowered plants.


Agree about the doubles chicky and no good for the bees either

Gardening Grandma

Not as vigorous, either. And although geraniums are pretty tough,  I lost my doubles.


Why not develop an interest in herbaceous perennials and  use a variety of them. They are tough, colourful and give season-long interest if you choose well.






Yep, the double hardy geraniums are not worth growing. Got a couple of them but will prob dig out
Woodgreen wonderboy

I love Roxanne flowers forever. Apparently some clever hybridiser crossed one geranium that flowered early with another that flowered late and, hey presto. It is one of the bigger geraniums and needs a bit more space than most so I have to be a bit careful where it goes as it can flop over the plants nearby

Two other hardy geraniums of huge merit...psilostenum which has the most magical black-eyed cerise flowers that stand out in the crowd of often dull/pale pinks and mauves of the pack. Second Ann Folkard..a great favourite of Christopher LLoyd who grew it because it wanders around and climbs up throuh the plants nearby enhancing them with its yellow/green foliage and cerise flowers, again with an "eye". For example try it alongside lavendar.

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