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My morning glory seedlings are 6 - 8 inches high. Should I pinch out the growing tips or not?


I've never pinched out Morning Glory - they've always made good plants and flowered well for me. 


I agree with Dove, I never pinch mine out either and mine are also about 6 inches high. They always grow well.

Thanks, I will leave them alone then!


Just to add.... I grew these last year and i did pinch them out - i had sowed too early and they were getting in a right tangle inside, and i knew i shouldn't plant them outside til June.  It didn't do them any harm and they flowered well for me



Just out of curiosity where about in the country are you as mine did very poorly but I live in the northeast


I am in surrey - and last year was exceptionally hot, so they seemed to like it

They are poor for me outdoors, so I grow them in a porch conservatory, and after many years I now pinch them out to try to keep them as bushy as poss.

We are in East Anglia. Have decided to experiment, will pinch out half and leave other half - so we will see!

I grew last year, flowered well even though partially in the shade.The plant has come through the winter and I have left it to see how it will perform this year.

After the rain we are expecting tomorrow I will report on snails around the hostas, as I have applied spent coffee grouts around the crowns .Coffee grouts are not approved by the EU!


I agree I had some last year and never pinched them out. Not sown any this year but starting to regret that decision, however I have plenty of other plants to keep me busy lol

It's not too late to sow them now, they should come on well.


I've not sown mine yet - I don't have a proper greenhouse so I have to wait until there's room on the kitchen windowsill - probably sow them next week - end of April is usual for me. 

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