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I bought some boxes of Wild Flower seed mixes from Morrison's last year and sowed two different boxes of them this spring. There is no listing on the boxes, or manufacturer's name.

Now the plants are coming up I can't indentify them using books and websites.  Did anyone similarly sow these last year and manage to, please?

I can take photos and post here, but they are not the more common plants found in other suppliers Wild Flower mixes!

Best idea is to send a few photos of them.

Ah!  I've made some montages of them, but this site won't upload them from my computer.  It gives mean option to upload from an external site so I'll do that via Photbucket.  Bear with me!


 Managed to upload from computer!




I see california poppys this are the orange flower that is closed and open in sun shine





and borage, white campion, flax,  


and that one with big leaves could be a thorn apple, 

are you sure this was a wildflower mix. some of these are wild where they come from but not here.

Thanks folks, very helpful, appreciated!

I've found the photocopies of the seed packets, which we'd mixed together.  One was Wild Flowers, the other Butterfly & Bee mix.  Soon after sowing the next door neighbour left his fish pond filling with the hose on for two days, flooding the bottom of my garden where the wild flower meadow is.  I guess some seed perished and the rest got moved around.  Strange because some seems clumped in one spot!

We bought 2 boxes of each last year, saving one of each for this year.




clumped inone spot is what happens here if we get heavy rain after sowing, they all wash to the lowest bit.

the butterfly and bee mix explains the californian poppies etc


It may not be that though Richard. Only looks like it in the pic. But it won't hurt you if you leave it alone, they're fascinating things, big white flowers and very prickly seed cases. They do just crop up and maybe they do come from bird seed, though I had my suspicions about a batch of compost being the culprit for mine. They turned up all over the place and I hadn't knowingly sown them

Now that one is in a pot with a potted up Bleeding Heart.  New compost used.  It can't have been in the compost, it's been used for all sorts of plants.

Some more pics, some I highly suspect are weeds.  Bear with me here, these are ones I've not seen before in the garden!




Can't edit that last post, and the comments I made for the pics haven't appeared.

First photo:  Leaf like Nigella but flowers are in clusters of small ones.

Second & Third: Think this is a weed, several of them.


I don't know the purple one in the first pic there's candytuft to the right

2nd could be an evening primrose, hang on til you see what it is

The main one in 3 is a knotgrass, annual, quite pretty, native. I can see some self-heal there as well, just to the left of center and up a bit with a forget-me-not seedling beside it. There's a buttercup in the front right and I think quite a lot of one of the mayweeds, I think that's what they're called, daisy like flowers, from the wildflower mix. and more love in a mist

Thanks again, nutcutlet, you're a real star!


Not sure!  A quick look on google shows most have seperate petals.  Mine has petals which seem continuous.  Not the right term, but they are not distinctly seperate.

Thanks, anyway.


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