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hollie hock

I was lucky to come across a large one of these in sale a few months ago. It was a bit battered but I've since split it and they are all coming along nicely.

Some of have got new leaf spikes coming through and I would like to encourge this.

I've read that they like to be pot bound, am wondering if it's then that they start new plants through their rhizomes. A bit similar to pot bound spider plants throwing out babies

Anyone had any success with leaf cuttings? It looks easy enough, just got to remember which way the leaf was cut I think.  I've done this with other succulents and they root quickly.

I love these plants, any tips to get them to thrive, will be much appreciated

HH - a diagonal cut at the top and a straight cut at the base makes life a bit easier


Mine just grow and grow  - I keep them bone dry in the winter and water probably about once a month in the summer. Most of the time they're above a radiator in a west-facing window. I put them outside in the semi-shade to get rained on for a few days in the summer.  They flower from time to time.  

I shall have to split my big one soon - the pot it's in is so mishapen as it's forcing it's way out of the pot.

hollie hock

Morning Dove and Phillipa and thanks. Excellent tip regarding the diagonal cut going, that will save me a lot of head scratching and confusion Sounds like the best thing is to leave them alone ha ha. I've been overwatering mine I think, so will reduce that now and no need to repot. Never seen them flower

I had wondered about putting them outside, I've been growing Spider plants and they have been outside for a few weeks, just putting them in a plastic greenhouse if it's rains heavily. They are doing really well


I think all houseplants like a bit of time outside (summer usually) if the conditions are right. It is a bit like giving them a holiday to get fresh air etc. around their leaves.

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Dove, what depth of pot is best?  One of the carers brought me one a while ago but the leaves are now about 14 inches and not staying upright.

hollie hock

I've treated them to some time outside today madpenguin. They have had a wipe with damp kitchen roll and a tidy up. Had a go at some leaf cuttings too I'd go for taller narrower ones if possible Joyce to try and prevent them getting top heavy.


Having seen yours hollie hock, I realise that mine is ok but I will put it into a deeper, narrow pot.

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