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Annie Schofield

Although there are some nice buds forming, the leaves of my Azalea have brown stains and a lot of yellowy leaves.  Is it O.K.?  I would also like to move it, can I do it now, or must I leave it until it has flowered?

Woodgreen wonderboy

Not sure what the problem is altho' yellowing can be a sign of iron deficiency. Have you been watering with tap water? As it is stiil mild you could give it some irom sequestrene feed, and an acid mulch.

It's a bit late in the year for remedial action. You could move it now but if it is sickly that might be risky. I would cosset it where it is, enjoy next year's flowers if it has some and then move it.

I have had similar "diseases" on various plants and have come to the conclusion that most of them are caused  by insects, aphids, sucking on the leaves and their secretions damaging the leaves' ability to feed, breathe and function..  Often the effect is black ...sooty..mould or just sticky leaves  and if the leaves are big enough ??ou can wash them.  However, Annie, is your azalea large leaved or small?  

I would apply a fairy liquid warm water wash.clean as much as possible.  Usually azaleas are small rootballed.  Is yours reasonably small?   I would then move it with as much soil as possible.  I would do it now.  Hopefully it won't even notice the move.  I would not wait for the situation to worsen over the winter

When planted I would apply a sequestered iron feed after watering it in well.  Then a mulch......acid bark chips..but not too,much.  Too thick a mulch can kill an azalea 


Hate to disagree with You Verdun but Im not sure how moving will help if we dont know whats wrong with it. I think that ww.s idea of sequestrene and an ericaceous mulch would be best. Adopt a wait and see policy.

Hiya punkdoc, only said about moving it because Annie said she wants to not because it will cure anything.

If mine, I would certainly try to "clean" those leaves before any feed and mulch.  In any case, Annie has nothing to lose.


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