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I'm new to the forum but not to gardening or the GW magazine and website which I find hugely helpful!! 

I moved house last Autumn and am now trying to get stuck into the garden but before starting anything or potentially destroying anything I want to find out what I have already and was hoping some of you might be able to help me please. 

I know what quite a lot of the plants, trees and flowers are but some I'm not so sure of and some that have only just come up again after the harsh winter. 

Your help would be very much appreciated. The garden is quite overgrown and hasnt been tended to very well :-/ trying to fix that now though!




Tall Shrub approximately 5 feet tall 


 Small plant currently hidden amongst geranium and a million other plants.


 Large shrub or tree, lovely shiny leaves approximately 7 ft tall


 Another large 6/7ft tree/ shrub


 And another... approx 5ft

 We have a few of these... they are about 3ft tall and are at the front of the borders :-/ 


 We have a whole wall on one side of the garden of these.... 

 No idea what this is but seems to be a tree which has been cut smaller at some point. Has quite a big trunk. Currently 8ft.

I think last year these had yellow flowers



i think these were big white daisy looking f


Is this a hawthorn of some sort? Currently over 12ft tall.




No 3 looks like camellis leaves. Last one a double hawthorn (Pauls scarlet maybe)

3 ft tall thing at front of border looks like a tall yellow scabious. Columbaria something or other.


No 9 could be Golden Rod.


3 looks like Prunus lusitanica to me, Portugal laurel

4 Viburnum tinus

5 Escallonia

lost count, the pink one is a weigela

the shrubby one above the pink one could be one of the snowberries

The one after the pink one might be some sort of willow, theyoften get cut back to grow again

what are we left with?


Silver surfer

1. Looks like Skimmia sp.

5. Escallonia.



Thanks everyone


I reckon you're right on the skimmia Ss. It's got that yellow look they have

Silver surfer

8. Weigela.

Really hate the way you cannot edit on here once someone else has posted!


2. Looks like Rhododendron... one normally known by common name Azalea.

I would like to see more pic to try to give accurate ids.

Showing the whole plant.

A good close up of leaves on the twig.

Flower etc .


1. Skimmia


3.? portugese laurel





8 Weieglea

9 willow no idea which one

10 leucothanthem. not spelt right, but bif white daisies.


The red flower looks like a day lily, does it have strap like leaves?

1st one could be laurel.  3rd one 7ft shiny leaves could be a bay tree.

5th one ? escallonia, see if it has flowers.

No 8 shrub with pink flowers could be kolkwitzia or weigela.

No 9 Solidago (golden rod)

No 10 Leucanthemum


Does No 9 have the trunk or is that the one above? If it has a trunk it's willow, not solidago. Solidago is tall perennial with yellow flowers.


I thought it was willow B-L but looking again I think the one that's been cut back is the weigela and the next one has the yellow flowers so is probably solidago.

1) could be a number of shrubs or even just a hedging plant. 2) could be an azalea, very small rhodendron or a Weigelia. If it is flowering now, it might be one of the first 2. 3) could be a camellia  4) could be a virbunum Can go mad. Very high 5) could be an escallonia. 6) could be a weed or anything. 7) A Hypericum (?) 8) Virbunum or Weigelia 9) YesMuddyFork Golden Rod 10) Marguerite and 11) What a beautiful Hawthorn. The birds will love this to fly in and out of for protection.

Hope these guesses are correct, but eally need to see them, and wait for any flowers to be sure.






Great... thanks everyone... I'll try and get better and more photos of the others  

Its definitely a minefield at the moment ! 


Here is my twopenny worth after some inspiration from the answers above:

1) perhaps a daphne of some sort

2) rhododendron

3) camellia

4) vibernum of some sort but don't think it is tinus

5) escallonia

6) cephalaria gigantea (giant scabious) pale yellow scabious type flowers but in my garden is 5-6 foot.

7) ?

8) wiegela

9) not sure of the scale here, or if scrub or hebaceous peren, but if heb peren what about helianthus salicifolius the willow-leaved sunflower which has small yellow sunflowers

hi to all I'm new to this forum. I have just bought a plant called golden rod [solidago] does it grow rampant if so can it be put into pots?


jim, hello, welcome

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