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I would like to divide and move a large curry plant. Is this a good time to do it


If it is the plant I am thinking of it is  a shrub- you cannot divide a shrub.

You can take cuttings- they root like lavender fairly easily-and if you move it now with the root ball intact you should get away with it providing the ground is not frozen or waterlogged



Thanks for that, good job I asked, Will leave a couple of weeks now as snow is forecast and then have a go at moving intact and taking cuttings later.


Get new plant or take cuttings. Many garden centres now sell them as "herbs" in 9 cm pots. They grow quickly when you pot them on and they are cheap. Cuttings best in summer, I find. Not so good right now. Hottest, driest position possible. I would not move it....they are short lived, get very woody and you will find yourself in same position in few weeks or months time. No,fresh new plant now and you will have a beautiful silver fragrant dome in mid summer. But......don't plant outside just yet. Pot on and leave in greenhouse for few weeks. (I would take cuttings from my new plant in summer......these make much better plants than cuttings from old plants, if you can get any cutting material)

I took some little heeled cuttings from mine last summer - they struck very easily and have survived the winter (so far) in a well-ventilated cold-frame.

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