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We've a red robin which has swiftly outgrown its current location and so requires moving to an alternative more suitable location that I've identified. Is there a good time or more importantly a bad time of the year for this task ?

Many thanks for any advice in this line of enquiry.


Alina W

It's always best to move plants when they are dormant, so late autumn would be best. Summer is the worst time as keeping leaves with damaged roots strains the plant.

Many thanks Alina.

Paul N

Alternative you could prune the shrub and keep it in it's present position.


i have moved many plants this time year, as long as you water well and reduce some of the foliage 


Hi there we want to move our red robin as we need the space where it is for a wendy house. Will it be ok moved? As my husband is worried it will die. Also could it be put in a pot or better in ground.

Photinias do not move well, in my experience. 

just about time to move it though.  All the sensible things like diggng as big a rootball as possible and watering it in well.  Better too to have the recipient hole prepared before digging up your plant.  Mix in compost and granular fertiliser too.  

Photinias are not really good pot the ground for sure Charlotte m 

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