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I have a rose bush that is not doing very well and want to move it to a new position to see if it will grow any better.  Not sure when is the best time - now or in the spring.  


Now, as long as the ground is not frozen or water logged

Thank you

Will try and get out at the weekend as long as it is not raining.


Best to move a rose when they have no leaves- ie dormant, so now fine. Nov-March often stated. Not when the ground is waterlogged or frosty.  But I have successfully moved 1 of mine in the summer- if done then water, water +++.

Watch that you dont bury the 'graft' on the stem otherwise the parent plant stock will throw up its' own suckers. I'd also cut it back a bit to prevent any windrock loosening it in the ground. Mulch well & it should be fine. J.


Move it now Victoria and to give it some encouragement try adding some Mycorrhizal fungi to the planting hole. This will encourage a better root system.



Mycorrhizal fungi goes by a trade name of 'Rootgrow' if you are not sure what it is. can buy it in B&Q

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