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I planted a number of bare root roses in November. One I was not sure of (colour) I have since found one that would fit in the area better (a climber)

. If I dug up and replanted the original rose somewhere else, as it is a new rose and has not put on any growth, would I still get rose replant disease if I put the more suitably coloured one in its place.?

I always use Mycorrhizal fungi when I plant reoses


I don't think so if it's only been there since November. It's been dormant anyway. It usually applies to digging up old, dying and dead roses.

flowering rose

the old book says not to put a rose bush where a diseased bush has been for awhile,and I would not for a year or so as viruses can lay dormant for awhile and I know mine when I have planted earlier have picked up the disease .


But the rose I am digging up is new, has as yet no growth, and is definately not diseaed, just the wrong colour

flowering rose

sorry ,missed read,move it just make sure you give it a good home and if the new one the right colour plant it.Hope its got a lovely perfume,love roses.



It's fine to move that young rose, try not to disturb any tiny roots it has made, and if you did not cut it back to a bud in November, do it now.  It will be fine. 

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